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snaptube for android
SnapTube video downloader is an user friendly application to download Youtube video in a simple, fast, and expedient way so that you can watch your favorite video any time you want.
SnapTube Apk contains several search option. It also provide 11 types of subcategories which allow user to download different types of files like Music, Games, Technology, Sports, Education and more.
It also have a section for most popular videos, most view videos and latest trending videos. Also give Daily recommendation of new upload videos.

snaptube apk

Browsing is very simple in Snaptube App. Just select the category or type the video name or song name or artist name on the search bar. Once you get what you need you can download or play the video directly in your device.
Snaptube also provide “Choose a resolution” option for the user. User can download or watch the video in any resolution they want. User can also download only the audio if they want to save memory of their device.
The recent update of Snaptube added some new features. They add social media sites to their list. Users can now download videos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SnapTube Features:
 Download videos in multiple resolutions.
 Long list of websites to download videos.
 Direct Mp3 Downloads.
 Easy access to desired videos.
 Search videos with keywords.
 Various categories to download various types of files.
 Can add any other video hosting in the list

Few Famous Supported Sites:

The Creators of Snaptube created a new category in the browsing section for Youtube which will let user to browse videos that can be watch in Full HD.

Latest Update:

Full-screen view for streaming videos
Share videos from this app to others


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